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    Complete Noob on the SQ-5. What is the proper way to chain a mix out to a different mix in?

    SQ-5: We have MainLR mix going to the PA system via 11L/12R outputs.
    Would like to add to that some audience pick up mics for our video system, but don’t want those to go
    to the PA (because of feedback).

    We would like to use Mix 1 to sum the MainLR + the audience pick up mics, and send that
    mix 1 to the video system via an aux output.

    Is it possible to chain the mixes MainLR –> Mix1 ? Is this the wrong approach or is there some other
    approach to accomplish this?

    — Tom

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    Hi Tom,

    Main LR to Aux Mix is not possible with SQ on board tools.
    (only with e.g. a dante option card you can route the MainLR via dante back to the input matrix… not very nice this solution)

    But when you use Mix 1, and open the sends (post Fader) for all channels to zero dB (hold reset + rise the fader), then this mix will “follow” the main mix

    Or something else:
    You can use a matrix (a mix of mixes).
    Route your audience to a group or aux mix (NOT to MainLR!).
    Then route the MainLR and this mix to the Matrix.


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    hi dd,

    Extremely helpful answer. Thank you for describing two approaches,
    this makes the architecture of the mixer more clear.

    — Tom

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