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    Love to see A&H add the “Speaker Matrix Processor” from the iLive software, to the GLD in a future upgrade. What a handy feature! Speaker processing should be done in the desk anyway, it only makes sense.

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    but, sometimes it’s better to do it outside the console.
    see the possibilities of the Galileo or Lake processor or d&b, Powersoft, Lab Amps

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    Surely it makes much more sense to output the mix you want from your console, and then have the PA system present that to the audience. The processor is part of that system.

    I might still use it occasionally if it were available, but I don’t see the argument for the console being the place to put it.


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    While i see the appeal of saving 1RU of space on the rack and in the truck, and being able to remotely control it’s replacement, I can think of two reasons why it’s not a good idea to have speaker management built into the mixer. Firstly, your settings have the potential to be overwritten by scene/show recall, if things aren’t safed/filtered properly. The likelihood of this increases if you have guest operators or volunteers.

    Secondly, if the console glitches and you have to bring in a spare from the truck (which may not be a GLD, I know of a few operators who can’t afford 2 GLD surfaces, so they go out with a GLD and backup Qu, or a backup MixWiz,) then you still need some external speaker management to use these (or any other non-gld) backup desks.

    I certainly don’t object to A&H porting more fx from ilive over, but even if they did bring the speaker processor over, I’d keeping using my external gear, if only for peace of mind.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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