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    I have a QU 16 and we are not getting any sound out through the main LR fader. I get signal in though any track or stereo track and can route it to a mix (in this case stero out through the d-snake to the monitor speakers), but not the main LR. The main is hardwired to the amp and EQ, and that is all working fine. I get hiss through the speakers. When I look at the screen I see the green bars rising on the input track but when I select the main track there is not signal going to the track, so no rising and falling green bars, even the lights too do not register signal. Any thoughts anyone!

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    Make sure your output routing is correct. Are you using an AB168 box (or similar) for your DSnake I/O to your monitors? If so, see if you’re sending your L/R signal through a pair of outputs on that AB box. Also, see what routing output you’re using on your Main LR fader. Is your Main LR fader up? You said that “the main is hardwired to the amp and EQ.” What does that mean? Are you running cables from the console Main LR outputs directly to the amp and EQ?
    Are you sure you’re mixing on the main fader layer and not a custom layer? Are all of your channels routed to the Main LR? Is your Main LR muted? When checking your Main LR output, are your channel faders up and channels unmuted? If you are sending channels to Mixes pre-fader then sound will come out of the monitors with the main layer channel faders down.
    Read the QU Reference Manual Section 9.7 – Channel Routing and 9.9 – Mix Routing for more information of routing to outputs.
    The QU has a built-in signal generator. You can send pink noise to any output. I suggest you try sending pink noise to your LR Output channel. See the Reference Manual Section 11.3 Audio Setup-Signal Generator for more information.

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