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    Hi all of you, im qu-sb user since 4 years ago, my gear is QU-Sb and AR2412, there are 3 main problems

    1.- eventually Pop and crackle sounds, only when the main output is directly from QU-Sb even when I hit the case where is the mixer and when nothing its connected to, (this problem is not present when I use the AR2412), i always uses the MTX1 output because problem number 2:

    2.- When I uses LR from the QU-Sb directly i lost the subs, is like one of the outputs was out of phase

    3.- This is the most important issue, i lost all the outputs sound and the ipad frezzes the meters and the control, its just for a few seconds and repeats several times until I disconnect and reconnect the router, i changed my router and all works fine again until this weekend where the problem say present again whit the new router 6 months later since I changed it, this make me crazy because I use the SB for goberment events so I canĀ“t take a risk.

    4.- Finally in 4 years with this mixer maybe 3 times i lost any signal in or out from the AR2412 even when the app icon appears as connected, just did disconect and do conect again the CAT6 and all works fine again.

    NOTE: I did send the mixer to service once because the power conector to the main board was unplugged but all the problems listed before already was presents and still

    Hopu you can helpme

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    Rafael A&H

    Hello @noeme,

    I would suggest contacting the support team to troubleshoot this:

    Thank you,

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    Hello @noeme,

    I do have some of the same issues like yours with the SB. Did you get any fix to yours in the meantime? Did you ever messured your phantom power voltage output? On my SB the phantom power voltage output is only 45V. Maybe This will bring the problems.

    Best regards,

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