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    So I need to use Sessionlink Pro for a remote record but it won’t recognize any of the channels on my QU-16. It recognizes the stereo tracks 1-3 but that’s it. Is there a way around this? I can’t be the only one doing Sessionlink Pro sessions. My client is in Europe and it seems to be bigger than Source Connect there. Has anyone figured this out? If there is no work-around, is Allen & Heath working on the driver so that Sessionlink Pro will recognize it in the future?
    Here is a screen shot of my options for input. None of them are usable unfortunately..

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Al,

    The Windows driver for Qu can be thought of in two parts:
    WDM = managed by Windows (so should work with any/all Windows applications)
    ASIO = Qu accessed directly by any application which support ASIO and provides full multichannel I/O.

    If the application does not support ASIO, you will only be able to access the WDM stereo input and outputs.
    As it looks from the picture that the application is only mono/stereo/dual mono, this should not be a problem and you may just need to adjust some patching:

    From the Qu to the computer
    As of the recent driver update (available here ) this will be fed from Qu USB Outputs 17&18.
    By default these USB outputs 17&18 are patched from the main LR mix, but can be changed to anything you like – set in the ‘Setup > I/O Patch > USB Audio’ screen.

    From the computer to the Qu
    You will be able to select one of the stereo input channels on your Qu-16 to send to from Windows (those are the three options you mention).
    Once selected on the computer, switch the input for this stereo channel to USB-B on the Qu and you can process, route and monitor as required.

    Hope this helps, but if you are still having difficulty, please contact us using


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    @KeithJ A&H

    That link took me to a 1.95 firmware page. How did that relate to the windoze driver issue?
    Will the zip file have text explaining things or just the firmware itself?

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    it is a download page for all Version 1.95 downloads and the new drivers for Windows

    if you open the driver part then there is a document related to the driver

    but if something changes these link will lead to an outdated document
    and that’s why Keith provided the link to the entire page

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    Thanks for the elaboration.

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