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    I work with a SQ5 in a theatre with musical productions and normal plays. When I setup a show I use many scenes during the musical for differnt kinds of songs or nonmusical parts. I strongly recommend a sort function in the scene manager where you can move scenes or copy and insert scenes in a specific place and and order. I’ve been working with a Yamaha 01V the last ten years and used this function quiet often. I was surprised, and a little bit shocked, that the SQ5 doesn’t feature such a basci function.
    Adding this in the Scene Manager would make it way more comfortable to set up new shows.



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    Just recieved a response from the support team. After firmware 1.4 there is away to copy and paste scenes. Sorting is still an option for improvement.


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    I’m not seeing that this was included in any of the firmware releases yet. It would be nice to have!

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    Being able to easily rearrange scenes would be a welcome feature. In a show with a high scene count changing on a daily basis can be a chore using copy and paste. Buttons to move scenes up or down or being able to drag a scene to a new position would massively speed up workflow.

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    An easy workaround would be to use an iPad to recall specific scenes by MIDI Location. This way you never have to change the order of the Scene’s. I Use OnSong for Lyrics and other info, however it will also automatically recall Scene’s based on the song I select.

    hope this helps for options

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    Yes understand regarding scene change using midi. I used set list maker on a console in the past, but it’s another piece of hardware and another app that an extra button in a future firmware update could do.

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    in the app (MixPad) you can copy/paste scenes
    at least on my Win10 computer at home does it work…

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    I second any requests for improvements to the scene management in the SQ. Also, one button press for next scene (and not way the current auto-increment works, which can be confusing), previous scene (there is no auto-decrement) and undo. An offline editor would be a FANTASTIC option and would remove many of the gripes about the SQ series since in most other areas it is brilliant!

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    It just needs to be a simple “go” button. Advances to next scene.

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    Better housekeeping would be a very nice improvement.

    Reminds me of when IBM gave a briefing on the new System 7 computer
    and everybody started asking about the linkage editor which totally confused the presenter.

    Turns out the S/7 folks expected you to hand assemble your programs.
    While the audience already had used the larger computers that had a program that assembled your code for you,
    which saved a tonne of time and effort. And saved a lot of mistakes and then rework effort, too.

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    +1 for scene management updates. Being able to move scenes around would make us theater folks a lot happier. I know it can’t be as good as a dLive, so I’m not suggesting an entirely different cue list, but just a simple drag and drop (or using the multi-function encoder) to move them around will be greatly appreciated.

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    Use Onsong with MIDI. Much, Much easier. Dont ever have to rearrange scenes.

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    Another vote for better scene management options.

    Would much prefer something more akin to how it is on the GLD with cue a list or some way to quickly move a setlist around.

    Also per channel per scene recall safe/filtering is sorely missed too!

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    Is there a plan to develop the scene manager? The current cue list would be great! (like GLD, Avantis)

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    +1 for importing/exporting single scenes from/to USB

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