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    I don’t know if this behavior is intentional or not.

    When “auto store” option in Scene Manager is engaged, system does not save anything if scene was switched via “Soft keys” (specific scene recall) or via external midi program change command.
    Same applies to “track embedded” option that should select last recalled scene.

    I wanted to automate scene switching from a DAW, saving changes to them during rehearsals.

    My dLive console’s firmware is 1.80

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    I also noticed that if crossfade and auto store are enabled, the system saves incorrect fader levels. It seem that saving happens after the crossfade starts to occur. As a result, the stored values are halfway between the two scenes.

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    Aah I have also experienced the fader issue, and hadn’t realised that it was related to crossfade. Had found that if you save multiple times then eventually it would stick.

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    +1 on this one! We just recently discovered Auto Save and it would be life changing for us to have Scene Recall MIDI trigger and Scene Recall trigger in Custom Control to work with Auto Save. Use case is very similar to fadiezov above. We use DM 48 for in ear monitors and it would be AMAZING if switching scenes remotely through Custom Control would save changes to the previously active scene (like the Go button does in dLive Director or on physical dLive Surface). At this time, there seem to be no way to Save a scene through Midi (and Custom Control), which is a bigger problem, so Auto Save could be a very nice workaround for that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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