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    I have had this issue several times with several shows. When I set up scenes and then attempt to save or recall a scene, the desk reboots. This happened this morning before sound check, so I just stopped using the scenes and cue list and just mixed on the fly. We were using the 1.10 firmware, but after our service today I upgraded to v1.30. Has anyone else seen this problem? If so was it a bug in the v1.10 firmware, and should the v1.30 take care of this. I suppose I’ll find out next time I mix a service but wanted to know if this was a known issue or not.


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    hey rowlf914
    i have firmware 1.3, never had such an issue! However, i think most problem cause of “old” show-files! If it isn’t too much work: rebuild your show file based on a standard template! i had 2 freeze since i have my GLD! Both caused of a corrupt show-file, especially if you change the main settings of the board (6AUX instead of 4 and so on..) if you still have problems, you could upload your showfile to the GLD-Library so we can check for errors!

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    Maurits Thiel

    Hey rowlf914
    This was a known issue in 1.10, 1.30 should fix this.
    Did you use scene names 13 caracters or more?
    It is advisable to create a brand new showfile in 1.30 or in the editor to prevent partialy corruped information.
    Kind regards.
    Maurits Thiel

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