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    SQ runs 96KHz internally if I read it correctly, but is happy taking inputs from the AR2412…
    Which is a 48kHz sample rate box…

    Does the SQ upsample the input, or just run those channels at 48kHz?

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    the complete system is running on 48 with the old stageboxes…
    no SRC
    that’s why the AB/AR and the DX are not mixable

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    Thanks, I’m sure that info is around somewhere, I just couldn’t see it for looking.

    Of course running at 48kHz, there should be processing power for 96 channels rather than 48, am I right 😉 ;P

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    SQ runs at 96k internally. SLink ports can operate at 96k, or at 48k using SRCs local to the SQ. You can’t mix the two rates within the SLink port as it runs at either 96k or 48k, not both. Hope that helps.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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