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    When setting up choir mics, we always spend a good deal of time ringing them out. They tend to ring back through the FOH cluster, but since we never put the choir risers in exactly the same place, the frequencies tend to vary. It would be nice to have a “Ring Out” button that would act like a feedback eliminator, essentially. It would gradually raise the input channel gain until it saw a bell curve rising, then it would insert a compensating PEQ filter. It would then raise the input gain again until it saw another bell curve rising, and so forth.

    It would be especially useful if these notches did not count against the four PEQ settings available per channel. I know the iLive only has so much CPU power, but it would be fantastic if it could notch out (1/30th of an octave) several ringing frequencies and still have all four PEQ bands available for tonal quality adjustments, HF and LF roll-offs, and such.

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    As you say there is limited CPU (DSP) available so this would most likely have to be an Effects type that you could then insert where you need. You can of course insert an external feedback processor if this is something you urgently require!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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