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    Hello. Hopefully someone can help. 😊👍
    Sorry in advance for poor English.

    I am a bit new to this, have just bought the ZED FX 12 mixer. When I load the USB audio interface in FL Studio, how do I get separate recordings for each track from the mixer? I want to modify the vocals separately, now I only get a live recording with one file in the DAW, and the vocals in the mix are much lower than what I get in my headset under recording. Also, how do I activate phantom power? I can see the button but nothing happens when I press it. Is it defect maybe?

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    The level in the DAW should be low.
    That is to stop clipping in the DAW which does not know about the headroom in the ZFX12 to protect against clipping.
    You need to raise it in the DAW after you have the file(s) on the PC.

    If only part a a mixed track in the DAW is low then you need to adjust that track before it goes to the DAW.

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    the ZED12FX has only 2 track recording pssibilities

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    The feature summary


    Configurable USB stereo audio in/out
    and there are only two XLR on the top for stereo out

    Why do you think you should get individual channels to record separately?

    You might be able to record more channels if you could send the auxes to an audio interface and then into the DAW.

    Why do you think that the phantom power is not working??
    Could it be wired backwards? Does a second push work?

    For phantom see p22 of the manual and push the switch to the left of the leds

    48v Phantom Power switch
    Press this in to switch 48v Phantom Power to all the Mic input xlr
    connectors, if any of the microphones attached require power. Dynamic
    microphones won’t mind being connected to a phantom
    powered input, but care is needed to ensure that 48v is not
    switched on if an xlr is used to input a signal from an electronic
    circuit (ie. Another mixer or keyboard).

    When switching 48v on or off, or plugging in connectors to
    channels with 48v present, it is important (and normal
    practise) to mute the channels. This will avoid loud clicks
    and bangs potentially getting through to the amps & speakers
    with the possible effect of damaging the speakers, or
    the audience’s hearing!

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    Thanks for all good help!
    Still nothing indicates that phantom power gets turned on when I push the switch. But it is ok, I have a power supply for my mic anyway.

    Okay I understand that it can record only 2 tracks. I kind of thought it could record multiple tracks separately as Google listed it as a top recommendation when I was browsing for the right product. I apologize for my stupidity, I probably make no sense at all.

    But is it possible to record the music first in stereo. And listen to the music/backing track in a headset while recording vocals? Is the only way to pan it hard right and left? I don’t like how that sounds in my headset when I use my studio mic. Any tip regarding this? I want stereo music in the headset, but the vocals to be recorded as an individual track. I could do this on my old Zoom recorder, but the quality is not too good.

    I really like the mixer though, the sound quality on live performances is amazing.

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    what you are describing is solved with the right settings in your DAW

    these are the options for the USB routing (taken from the website of the Zed12FX)

    Send options

    1) Main Mix Left + Right (Post-fade)
    2) Main Mix Left + Right (Pre-Fade)
    3) Auxes 1-2
    4) Auxes 3-4

    Return options

    1) To Stereo 3 channel

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    if pushing the switch does not give you 48v for phantom
    then it sounds like a bad switch or other hardware problem

    see the dealer

    but first verify that there is no voltage
    how do you measure the 48v to be sure?
    could the microphone have a problem internally ?

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    Mike C

    The phantom power switch is recessed on those mixers, double check that you
    are pushing it in all the way till it latches.

    The USB will only send two channels at a time but it has a few different choices
    as to where the signal is picked off from.

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