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    Hi everyone, I really need some help here, we bought a Qu32 mixer which we use in church. We also stream live videos but we use an external Presonus 96 sound card to get audio from Qu32 into the pc mostly because of luck of knowledge on how I should make the Qu32 mixer send audio directly to the streaming pc and eliminate the audio box.

    If you can please help me with a step by step guide on how to do it.

    NB: the qu32 is listed on the inputs of the pc as channel 2 and output on 31 and 32. but no audio comes from it even if I raise the volume.
    win10 in use with wirecast.

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    Send mix78 to the presonus and avoid all the needless effort and potential problems.

    We looked at usb and the presonus and went with the audio i/f as being better.

    See messages here some folks trying the usb but complaining the levels are too low.
    Ours are plenty high thanks to the i/f so we have to lower the Qu levels we send.

    Make sure you have the right driver. Be sure you are sending to the output going to the presonus.
    Inputs should be as I recall on 1 & 2. Assuming you send stereo to presonus not just one channel.

    No output comes from it?? You trying to send back to the Qu ?? why ?
    If you mean no input coming in then check the driver and the other bizarro settings that need fixing in win 10.

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    @Volounteer – your response is much appreciated thank you.
    Am using XLR Stereo cables to get sound into the Presonus audio box, and then using a usb cable I connect the audio box to the pc, which is what I want to eliminate. I just want a direct usb connection from QU32 to my streaming PC. Is there any written guide / Video / step by step instructions from anywhere or anyone.
    If I get low volume then I will resort to using the audio box… but for now I want to have that audio from QU32 to PC via USB.
    I have already installed the correct drivers such that using Ableton all works fine including controlling the mixer from Ableton, but just the part of getting sound into Wirecast or Just getting sound without a DAW.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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