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    I am working with a QU-16 in my amateur home studio and absolutely love it. I am mostly using it as the core for jamming with some analog drum machines and synths. Recently I am thinking about doing some live gigs and I found a perfect second-hand Qu-pac. The nice thing there is being able to copy the scenes from my QU-16 to the QU-pac and drastically reducing space when going outside of the studio.

    Now, from my DJ days, I still have a Pioneer RMX-1000 lying around and I am looking for a way to connect that unit while still being able to record everything live on the Q-Drive. In most occasions I would simply put the RMX-1000 inbetween the master out and the amplifiers. So unfortunately for this case, the best way to connect it is when you connect it as an insert on the main LR bus because when you use it as send/return you get phasing and doubling of the channels.

    My way of working right now is to do my entire mix in the 9-10mix output and route that through the RMX1000 and back in the QU on ST2. I then unselect all channels except ST2 from my LR and set all channels to 0dB (to keep using the onboard effects and ducker which I use as sidechain compressor). That way I can still use the PAFL on each channel as well as on the LR and hear the final result. It is rather complicated but I wanted to hear if there are other options to achieve what I am trying to do.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    You haven’t stated what you are doing with the Pioneer unit. How are you using it?

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    Hi Airickness,

    Thank you for your reply.

    The RMX1000 is an effects unit primarily focused on creating build-ups and breaks during live performances. It is best used when the entire (dry) mix goes in and the complete signal can be manipulated and you only get the 100% wet signal out. That is what I meant with routing it inbetween the master out and the PA system.

    However, if you do that, you will lose the ability of the USB recording if the wet signal. So I am using mix9-10 as an extra layer before going to the master mix. This is a work-around that serves like a 100% wet insert on the master out.

    My question was if there are other options to get a similar ‘insert’ like behaviour on the master out?


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    Think it may make more sense to go the other way:

    L&R Out > RMX > St2 Input > 9&10 Out (don’t send to L&R) > Speakers.
    So that you’re using the “main” faders to mix & thus all other Mix & FX can work post fade if required. DCA will also function properly this way.

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