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    3 custom fader banks is not enough. I run middle school instrumental music concerts and, using Master Fader up to now, have a different fader strip “view” for each type of band. MF has 4 views, which is just enough for my needs. 3 is too few. Ideally 6-8 custom views would be great. It seems like the storage requirements for a customer fader configuration is small, so why not add more than 3?

    Thanks. John

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    It seems to me that rethinking how to make the best use of what ís available could go a long way. For instance: why not change customview 1 while you’re mixing on customview 3 ? Or prepare a few scenes/shows that have the settings that you need in them ?

    Good luck !


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    In addition to above suggestion to (1) add extra custom panels, I request the ability (in a style similar to scenes & shows) to save Qu-Pad Custom settings on:
    (2) the iPad’s app config storage locations, if not
    (3) the (sage able) Qu-Drive when mounted to the mixer perhaps using MIDI sysex, if not
    (4) the shareable cloud (googleDrive shared dir, etc), could be helpful additions/alternatives.

    I believe A&H’s 3 custom panels are a clever workaround against the inability to move each annex to a custom location. The ability to store data presets/configurations locally, on networked hardware, and even various cloud platforms has been relatively ubiquitous for years.

    The ultimately flexible solution would be a combination of all four suggestions, but…

    I don’t want to be greedy. [grin]


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    Dick Rees


    1. # of custom layers. Use two iPads. 6 custom layers (any 2 simultaneously) plus the main layer = 7 control configs and the flexibility to see two at a time or work on one while you configure the other.

    2. Scenes as Giga suggests.

    3. I’d rather see processing upgrades before getting into control issues in the app which serve a minority of users. Features such as a downward expander option for the gates, multi-band and/or frequency sensitive compression, HPF on mix/group outputs, etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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