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    Recently decided I wanted to add additional mix outs to my Qu-Pac.
    The A&H site says it has 16 mono inputs and 3 stereo for a total of 22, expandable to 32 mono and 3 stereo. (Gain of 16 inputs)
    Site also says it has 4 mono, 4 stereo, plus LR Mixes, expandable to 4 mono, 7 stereo, plus LR Mixes. (Gain of 3 stereo mixes)

    I hooked up the AR2412 which automatically assigns the extra 16 channels to the 1-16 of the AR2412 so channels 12-32 are active, works good.
    What I’m having trouble with is trying to figure out where the 3 additional stereo mixes show up, I don’t know if they are supposed to be activated somehow, I thought they would simply show up on the scene. How do I access and control them?

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    Mike C

    You can switch each of the groups to be stereo mixes/auxes.
    In the IO menu under the D Snake tab you can assign any of the mixer outputs
    to any of the 12 output sockets on the AR2412.
    You can also assign any mix to the ALT OUT on the QU PAC surface.

    Same goes for the inputs, any input on the the 2412 can be assigned to any channel or channels on the QU Pac.
    Assigning the inputs is a two step process, fist in the IO menu set up the routing and then in any channels source select menu you patch the input to the channel.

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    Thanks Mike. I sent another message also through the A&H website and I must apologize, I had forgotten about this conversation!

    More specifically, the stereo mixes, on the iPad it labels mixes 1,2,3,4,5-6,7-8,9-10 which we use as monitor mixes for the performers. (We actually use 9-10 for powered subwoofers and L/R for House Mains)
    What I was expecting somehow is that there would now be 11-12, 13-14, 15-16 that would show up as additional labels and that those mixes would function the same as the original mixes.
    Are you saying that “Group” labels on the interface are to be used for mixing the additional outputs and assigned to outputs of the AR2412?

    A friend told me last night that I was too stuck in the old analog board way of thinking. Still thinking of Aux Sends and imagined that if I had 10 knobs before, now I’d have 13 and digital is just different with multiple ways of routing and utilizing the signals.

    My bottom line was that I wanted the system to function the same for the additional mixes as the existing ones do and it seems like the additional mixes work differently and struggling on if/how that can be worked through.

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