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    I love my Qu mixer and understand it well. I am trying to help a small church improve their setup and a QU would be a great fit. The problem is Qu pricing. The SB is up to CDN$1,700, PAC is CDN$2,200, and the Qu16 is CDN$2,600. I understand they are feature rich, quality made, and worth it, but the base price for any A&H digital mixer is still higher than other competing brands. There is virtually nothing on the used market across Canada.
    Is there any hope that A&H will release a digital mixer at a lower price point? Does anyone have a suggestion?


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    My two penny’s for what it’s worth.
    I believe you have answered your own question. There is very little of the A&H equipment on the Second Hand market as it is sturdy, and generally reliable and has a long product life compared to its competitors. I purchased a QU and a SB and would only change the QU for an SQ as the premium I paid for the support, forums, and quality of the product have made the initial (I feel it is an investment in my customers and time!) extra cost worth while as my equipment just works!

    Would I prefer A&H cheaper? Sure, as long as it wasn’t at the expense of product build quality, design or support.

    Just my take Peter, however as the pennies become tighter round the world with increasing inflation I understand your difficulty.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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