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    Anyone at A&H working on this issue? Seems like it’s solvable/driver issue that’s the problem.

    I also have a ASUS GL552VW I purchased 8-9 months ago specifically for recording with Cubase. AFter seeing the MIDI DAW control capabilities and the 18 in/out via USB-B, I thought this board is perfect. I’ve been using it for live stuff and it’s awesome. Would hate to have to return because of a driver fix. This is a bummer if this is not something someone in engineering is looking at.

    I have no option of swapping out my GPU (although, I could find something that fits from ATI probably and go out on my own….).


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    David Haughton

    @kfc68 Hi Kevin, please see message from our product support team below who are looking into this behaviour. However, please note that we have only had a very small number of people actually send in details. Without user input via the proper support channels it is very difficult for us to get to the root cause of this behaviour and resolve any issue.

    Dear all,

    We are keen to learn why some of you are continuing to experience USB streaming noise issues on the Windows platform.

    What we would like to do is obtain system reports for those of you who are still having issues to try and more specifically determine where the issues are being introduced. For this we’d recommend a utility like SiSoft Sandra which will produce a full system report of your machine. Please can you email your reports to support@allen-heath.com which will create a support ticket and open up a channel of communication.

    Product support

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    I´m having the exact same problem with my Qu 16, Imac 27inch late 2013, SSD as my main system drive…. It´s so annoying having to stop my sessions for this issue. I´m afraid this is the worst investment I´ve ever made for my studio….should´ve read this forum before buying… Presonus I miss you bad….

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    Allen & Heath, we are still waiting for an answer on this besides the one asking for further information on our systems…PLEASE get back to us with a solution. Can’t you guys put someone to develop a new driver? We NEED a solution.

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    I would like to remind people that this isn’t an A&H support channel. Yes, they visit, but it isn’t their support channel.

    Also that there are plenty of people who don’t have any issue with USB B streaming.

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    Sure XAP Bob, but since they are not answering through other channels of communication and ALL USERS deserve support we (the ones with problems on our devices) are trying through every channel to get answers, that includes gathering data, sharing test results, etc.
    Besides, I don’t understand your reply or need to reply such a thing.

    Best regards.

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    My reason for replying was a request for courtesy on the forum.

    Getting shouty isn’t going to help anyone, do you have a support ticket open?
    I doubt they’d ignore a ticket…

    There are a significant number of people who don’t have this issue, so it’s not quite as widespread as you seem to think. The number of possible combinations of external hardware is beyond any company’s testing abilities.
    There is something in your setup that doesn’t work properly. Given that others have found driver conflicts with specific graphics cards it’s fairly likely to be a driver conflict.

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    Hi all, i want to report my solution to this problem i was also having. let me start with this.. i have always been told that on a pro workstation be it mac or pc you should always use your dedicated interface for recording or playback via your mac or pc.whether it costs €10 or €10,000.. and not to use your onboard soundcard as it would prob be far less superior. i recently recieved a custum build pro audio pc for music creation recording. this was not a cheap pc!! i noticed it came with an onboard soundcard. i have been having this random robotic noise like many on hear for a while now, so i contacted the company who built my pc and told them the issue i was having. to my suprise this is what he said!! MAKE SURE TO MAKE THE ONBOARD SOUNDCARD YOUR DEFAULT SOUND DEVICE!!!! and not the qu32.. since doing this i have not had any noise or issues at all for the last 4 weeks..oviously when i open pro tools or cubase my qu32 autamatically becomes my sound device as i have it setup this way.. i really hope this helps alot of users out there.

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    Has this helped anyone else with this problem im just curious to know as i still have not had any issues since..

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    At least I’ve tried to replicate the issue that way on my Win10 system, no luck yet (still streaming perfectly even with lowest latency settings etc.). But that only was a quick test, not a longtime observation.

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    I have streamed off and on into win7 over the past few years sometimes for a week doing projects.
    That was in the non bi-directional days and I have never a problem. That was a Dell laptop 3 years old i7 with 8 gig Ram. Hardly a racehorse laptop.

    I can make my iMACs go wrong [i7 8 gig Ram 2012 model] [and bring on a robotic sound and audio actually jump tracks] but thats only by making the processors work harder than what they are probably designed for?
    And the way I did that was streaming with a lot of plugins in the destructive mode where you are recording through the plugins.

    This is just discussion! Not intended for any other purpose.

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    Umm.. this is a support forum so people are generally going to be ticked off and I completely agree with them. Since this is the troubleshooting forums that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone chatting here. I believe it is designed to get stuff worked out and pass around “what worked” ideas to those who are facing issues. If somebody is pissed off, its at the board not the brotha!
    What worked for my robotic noise (and trust me I tried EVERYTHING – I’m an I.T. support specialist and a recording hobbyist), was to switch my motherboard out. I believe the issue was in the southbridge chip which runs the flow of USB information. I went from an AMD 970 chipset to an intel H97 chipset. After this I did not get any robotic noise. Of course this doesn’t help anyone with other intel chips that are still having issues but this is the only thing that fixed mine (I kept everything else the same.. video, memory, HDD, usb cables etc). My conclusion it has something to do with the southbridge chipset. If models are needed I can supply.
    Keep on troubleshooting!

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    This solution worked perfectly for me (disabling xHCI in the bios)

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    So it’s been more than a year and they don’t even have the honesty to warns us when we buy a console that USB 3.0 is broken? This is kind of important because I bought it to be the interface of my studio…

    The official answer I got was that Intel messed the xHCI drivers and when I went to Intel they don’t seem to care much about the issue…

    Any other hardware manufacturer having this problem with their consoles ?

    So what the …. is going on ?

    Time to put more pressure on them an go public?

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    Dick Rees

    I have difficulty understanding how a console manufacturer can be blamed for third party changes in outboard devices. It’s just not rational. Terribly disappointing, yes, but not logical. Intel is the “responsible party” in this case…or “irresponsible party” if you prefer.

    My approach has been to avoid using multi-purpose “all things to all people” gear like laptops and such, recording instead directly to a stand-alone hard drive, then off-loading recordings into the box. This reduces the number of possible points of failure by many orders of magnitude.

    I’d suggest chalking this up to your education and soldiering on. Good luck.

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