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    got an odd thing happening, i’ve set up the Qu-32 to control logic using DAW control & the custom layer and all works fine, except when i select certain tracks the channel 3 input fader (on the normal channel input layer) resets to zero.

    i currently have the stereo outs of logic coming in on channels 1&2

    there seems to be no correlation between what track in logic does this (it only happens with a few, not all. but not always the same track number etc – had a vocal on track 12which did it, added a track 13 then track 12 didn’t do it but 13 did, then track 5 a d not 13…)

    something seems to be triggering a reset fader message to that channel on the mixer (always channel 3)

    no router or qu-pac attached just the mac

    any ideas?


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    Sounds like you are sending regular MIDI to your Qu. The custom layer when configured as MIDI controls respond to regular CC and Note messages. Not sending MIDI from Logic to the Qu should fix that easily.

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    ok thanks, i shall have a look at that. i thought it was propably something i was overlooking. i’m not overly familiar with logic tbh, getting there but it’s all a bit new to me as a DAW

    thanks again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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