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    Mike M

    I have used my Mixwizard in the past for three separate outputs; L, M, R for a three zone speaker application (I used a DBX 2231 on each output channel to adjust the volume to taste).

    I would like to use my QU-16 or my QU-24 for the the same application this year (gig on July 2nd) so that I can mix via my ipad..

    How do I route three outputs on the above-listed QU boards?? Is there a L,R,M option as per my Mixwizard….?

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    You could use one of the mix sends post fader for the centre or use the ALT out for the centre.
    The manual explains it pretty well I think.

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    The most essential question is: What’s the purpose? Do you need a mono output to drive subs? Just need to duplicate LR for different rooms? Or do you need three individual mixes for “three zones”?
    On the Qu24 you’ll have Matrix outputs which can be fed directly by LR and have integrated delay lines and EQs (no need for the DBX boxes), they still follow the LR mix.
    To obtain a MONO output for Subs you may either use an external speaker management system with properly designed crossovers or just use one of your mono mixes (Mix1-4) and only feed the rhythmic channels to that mix. But the Mix outputs do not follow the LR master fader, so you may want to use a DCA to control the overall volume.
    There are so many possibilities… 😉

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    Mike M

    I am looking for three zones to be exact.
    Does anyone know (and can explain to me) the process to route my one (band) mix to three separate zones??

    The provider that I subcontract (for part of the rig) brought his Berringer X32 last time…. he had three zones dialed in in no time and thus I mixed on his ipad.

    I would like to bring my QU-24 to the gig this time around, but I will need three zones to do so. I have been using my QU-24 for over a year for club / multi band events….great board.

    Can three summed outputs be made available on the QU-24…..and if so, How Do I Do IT?????

    Thank you in advance..

    Mike M

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    If you could previously do what you needed with a Mix Wizard (still a great little desk), then you’ll certainly be able to do it on the Qu-24

    Look at page 40 of the manual Link.

    You have 2 (stereo) matrix outputs available with XLRs labeled Matrix 1, 2, 3 , 4 on the back of the desk, or you can patch them to dSnake outputs if you use those. So you can have L+R = Zone 1, Matrix 1 = Zone 2, Matrix 3+4 = Zone 3. If you only need mono outputs, just use L, 1 & 3.

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