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    We have used the QU-16 for quite some time and love it. Got an AR124 a couple of weeks ago, and tried to use a ST3 as a mono mic input. I discovered and saw it confirmed that at this point in time the only way to do that is with a “Y” cable. Will try that next Sunday (we are a portable church so very little testing time). The other problem I encountered was that, while input 21 worked (left channel only) input 22 was a problem. It routed the signal to the right channel properly but the gain was much higher particularly on the lower frequencies. WI got instant low frequency feedback with the same gain/fader settings as worked fine for the left channel. It appears that there are not separate settings for each of these left/right channels (unless I am missing something). Why would the right channel exactly the way the left channel did (except left rather than right)? Same mic, same settings, different results???

    I will try using a “Y” cable next week to rout the mic to both channel 21 and 22 to see what happens.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Dick Rees

    To test/qualify your initial impressions, try comparing what you’re getting using the stereo inputs with what happens when you use mono channels using the same devices on the input. Basic investigative procdure.

    You should be able to use the mixer, input devices (mics etc) and headphones to do off-site testing. You don’t have to set up the entire system just to test stuff like this.
    But if you absolutely must wait until D-day to test, develop a testing plan with help here, write down each step and go through your tests when all the gear is there.

    This will speed the testing procedure.

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    In the routing screen, you can select a preamp in the AR2412 (say number 21) to be the source for each side of ST3. “Y” cable not required

    Don’t know about the difference in volume between preamps 21 & 22. Without my desk in from of me to play with I can’t remember exactly how the preamps show up on stereo channels, but the PAD setting would be what I would be looking at I think.

    But if you run both from the same preamp, they should be the same.

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    On Qu16 channels 21&22 obviously refer to ST3 input. When connecting a Mic through a mono cable to that stereo input its no big surprise that only left channel carries a serious signal, right channel only contains crosstalk (or inverted signal, if input is balanced.

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    Dick, Mark and Andreas, thanks for the replies and suggestions.

    Off site testing is a bit of a pain as I would have to remove the mixer from the rolling case as well as bring the stage rack (with the AR2412) home. The equipment is stored on a trailer during the week.

    I am working through a plan, which included the normal testing done so far, and posting on this forum. The next step is to try inputting the mic into both channels using a “Y” cable. I expect that to provide signal to both the left and right channels. I will need to determine if both channels exhibit the same results. When I input only to the right channel I got only the right channel with good results. When I input to the right channel I got only the right channel, but with very different results.

    When I checked the manual and the settings on the QU, I could not find separate settings for each channel (left/right).

    I did expect the pan control would have allowed me to pan either input to either left, center, or right. It did not I allowed me to attenuate the signal on the side it was already on, but never get signal on the other side. I understand from another post on another forum that this may be considered as a possible feature in a subsequent firmware release. That would eliminate the need for a “Y” cable.

    My biggest concern is the fact that when I used the right (#22) xlr input I had to lower the level significantly with the gain. fader and/or the pad. It also resulted in the low frequency being much louder than the higher frequencies. This part did not make sense to me. As far as I can see there is only a single set of controls (gain, pad, level, EQ, etc.) for the stereo channel. The single set of controls makes sense, but different results (other than which side the signal goes through) does not make sense.



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    As MarkPAman stated, it could be a routing assignment issue with the AR2412. Check the routing of the input channels on the AR2412 when you get a chance.

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