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    I’m new here, I’m having a bit of a hard time interpreting the data sent back from the Qu-16 model. The protocol is 1.82 and after looking at the pdf it mentions how the data is encoded/decoded. If I understand correctly:

    -Every 8 bytes must be unpacked into 7 bytes.
    -2 bytes (16 unsigned bits) are used to decode a single float (db).

    My questions:

    -The meter data is in dB, but the meter is in dBu’s, am I missing something here? db dBu conversions is impossible if I’m understood correctly
    -The amount of data as you’ll see in the log varies everytime, why is this? If the transmission order is correct I don’t see how this would make any sense.
    -How do I get the db for the meter? (picture attached)

    I attached a more technical detailed log of what is happening. The audio is a sample of constant volume.

    Here the technical log. (Mediafire) (4.25mb)

    Any help is appreciated. Maybe I missed another forum topic regarding this…

    The protocol I’m refering to: https://www.allen-heath.com/media/Qu-MIDI-Protocol-V1.82.pdf


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