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    I manage a Qu 16 digital mixer. Our mixing strategy is mono, so no panning on any mono inputs. Therefore same signal goes to main outputs Left and Right.

    When I send a stereo input into the 1/8th inch ST3 input, such as the output from a mobile phone, or laptop, I’d like this to be mono, and I have not figure out a way to achieve this. Maybe it exists and I have not read enough of the manual.

    The approach I had in mind which I know will work, would be to convert this to two mono inputs, via a suitable cable, pair these two mono inputs – i.e link them together, and adjust the panning, to make it mono. this I know will work, but that’s using up two channels.

    It would really be nice if I could use ST3 which is the perfect input for my needs, and just mono it.

    Thanks in advance. Highly appreciated.

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    There is no real provision to do the above from within the desk, I don’t think so anyway.

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    With a stage box you can send L+R to an output. Without a stage box you would need to make or buy a stereo to mono outboard device.

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    Mike C

    If you have a system processor DSP look at doing the mono summing in the DSP.
    If your not already using the ALT OUT you can select L+R mono summing as an ALT OUT option.
    Or….look up “Rane why not to Y” they a the schematic for a passive summing circuit using resistors, it works
    well I’ve made a few, you can fit the parts into an XLR connector.

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    Thanks everyone, your responses are highly appreciated.

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