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    We have standard pro tools 11 and have the QU-24 connected. We set one of the softkeys to bank up which it does but only 7 of the faders work.

    So the first bank allows us to move the faders on the first 24 tracks in ProTools.
    The second bank(soft key button assigned)allows us to use the last 7 tracks in ProTools.

    We have 40 tracks in ProTools including busses and master fader.

    So it seems that bank down is the first 24 tracks and bank up is the last 7 tracks.

    I suspect that this problem may be that Protools standard has only 32 I/O’s.
    I guess 24 tracks + 7 tracks + masterfader = 32 tracks.

    What do you all think?

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    Victor Kennedy

    Hope you don’t mind me joining in on this topic.
    I’m not sure about that particular issue, but I have a similar problem with my QU-16 and Pro Tools 12.6.

    Recently I had the Graphics card in my iMac repaired and so the studio system was down.

    Prior to this I had the soft keys all working fine with Pro Tools, but now, after setting up again, I have one of the soft keys set for Record and two others set for Bank UP/DOWN but they aren’t functioning as they should.

    The banking won’t move Up or Down, but the first 8 channels on PT Mixer are highlighted, and I can use the Mutes etc on those, but I can’t get them to move to the next sets of 8 channels. Also the Record function Soft Key isn’t working.

    Anyone got a suggestion for a fix?

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    Were you previously able to bank up and down to as many tracks as you like in Pro Tools?

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    Victor Kennedy

    Yes, I had full operation with Banking and Rec soft keys.
    I was able to bank up/down to plenty of tracks in Pro Tools, in bank groups of 8.

    I can’t remember how many tracks I had in sessions, because I don’t necessarily count them (ha) but any session might see me with several ‘channels’ set to “Hide + Disable” in PT, and combinations of Midi and Audio and several Aux busses for sub-mixes etc.

    But I could certainly get around without problems. Since I’ve had no feedback on this I’ve not spent time trying to sort it out, instead just getting more RSI in my wrists from the trackball/clicking. When I get a chance I’ll try and investigate further, but am still keen to hear what others say.

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Deslog,

    Go to Setup > Peripherals > MIDI Controllers and change the #4 controller from HUI to none.

    The last bank of 8 faders (25-32) are likely assigned to a controller that isn’t there.



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