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    We’re using an SQ-6 to run FOH and the SQ MIXPAD to run our live stream. AUX8 is being used for the live stream. We can select AUX8 on the MIXPAD and control each channel strip fader independent of the SQ-6. When using the MIXPAD, while AUX8 is selected on the MIXPAD, all processing changes made to each channel strip will also be made in the FOH LR Mix. Is there a way to make processing changes to each AUX8 channel strip using the MIXPAD and not affect the FOH LR mix?

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    There’s only one of each channel strip, so wherever you control it from it will affect it, wherever it goes.

    If you have spare strips, you can route at least some channels to a second set of strips, and use those exclusively for the streaming mix. Preamp controls are still shared of course, but eq and dynamics will be independent.

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    Not sure the correct terminology, but essentially what he said: “parallel processing” but routed only to your aux8 and not to FOH.
    Ex: if you were using 16ch for FOH, you could (theoretically) duplicate those 16ch for livestreaming and just not route the dupes to FOH.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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