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    Hey There!
    I’ve noticed the “preamp on Surface” Button is only active when the Input-Channel is patched to a valid I/O Port with Gain.. although it state isn’t related to the I/O port! (see the pictures attached!)
    I’m preparing a show where I use the DX168 Stageboxes for Drumrisers – but i don’t have the box at my store yet! So for now I need to patch the Input Channels first to a physical Input Port of my mixrack to de/activate the “Preamp on Surface” and then patch it to the DX Port where my Input at the Festival will be! So my suggestion is that this Button needs to stay there whatever physical I/O Port you’ve assigned to!!

    There’s the global input preamp settings while holding down the setup button and press into the preamp section – although i can only set the whole system (not only the surface I’m working on) to Either Or “Preamp on surface”! So what I’m looking for due I’m using one Mixrack and 2 surfaces to control ch 1-64 FoH and 65-128 Mon and I want not only the Gain Sharing on the Channel 1-64 activated (what I can achieve by setting the start – and End-Channel! So I’d like to have the same startchannel and endchannel to enable Preamp on surface or not! (I want my Monitor Soundengineer to handle the real Gain and the FoH Dude should only be able to adjust his trim!

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    Here’s the picture – upload didn’t worked at first!

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    if you have no preamp then you can’t activate Preamp-on-Surface setting
    the system is in a state where you have to activate settings when you are connected to all your hardware

    or you can simulate the DX by configure the offline available DX devices and the cards fitted

    but it is still not possible to configure the second surface connection on the end of that surface
    or at least I didn’t made it

    go to the System Tab
    and select “Offline” in the middle of the screen
    in this dialog you can configure what your offline system is, to prepare your show
    but remember there is no DX168 or DX164 available
    since these have 16 inputs it is no problem for the inputs but there is no way to match the outputs of the dx164
    and I didn’t find out how to configure the DX012

    I hope this will help for the moment

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    Hello eotsskleet,

    I always prepare an offline show with DX168 like this:
    -> open the program “Director”:
    -> click top left: “System”
    -> click “Offline”
    -> Settings of “DX32 – DX Port 1/2”:
    -> Select the selection field Card1 = Select Analogue In
    -> Select the selection field Card2 = Select Analogue In
    I’ll leave the rest on “Empty”

    If you now set one of the 16 inputs in the desired channel, you will now also see the preamp and can prepare it.

    You can still patch the outputs under “I/O”, although the output fields are shown in black. The patch will then be displayed grey crossed out, but as soon as the DX168 is connected, the first 8 outputs will turn grey and the patch point is activated.
    But remember: here you can only patch the first 8 outputs, because the DX168 has only 8 outputs.

    If you connect two DX168s serially to one DX port, then you just have to double that.

    I hope my answer helps you.

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