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    I just wanted verification the Avantis, dx168 and the gx4816 all have dlive preamps?


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    no, similar but not the same

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    I would strongly suggest that your MarComm folks change the product description.

    From the “Everything IO” section of the Avantis product page. “Each GX4816 is loaded with 48 dLive mic preamps…”

    Steffen, could you describe the differences and similarities between the pre’s in the DM48 and the GX4816?


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    Seriously? Where did you get this info?

    Below is from Keith of A&H:

    Regarding the build – the AB168 and DX168 use the same metalwork πŸ™‚
    The DX168 uses dLive preamps – the analogue circuitry and conversion is of a higher level than the GLD/Qu AB168.
    You mention maybe 3 stageboxes. If using AB168’s this would be possible with the addition of an SLink option card and an extra Cat5e run. With DX168’s you would add a DX Hub at the stage end to achieve this.
    If you don’t need drops and plan to have all I/O in the same place, you could also check out the GX4816, this has the same technology as the DX168’s but in a 48Γ—16 single 5U box.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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