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    Hi, I think I found a bug when using a Soft Key to clear PAFL. Running Firmware 1.4 on a QU-16 BTW.

    1. Set a Softkey to clear PAFL
    2. PAFL an audio source
    3. Under Setup/Audio/PFL Trim make an adjustment of say -20dB so the setting is obvious
    4. Clear the PAFL using the Softkey
    5. The PFL Trim set in step 3 now applies to the LR bus coming out of the headphone output even though PAFL is cleared.
    6. Go back to Setup/Audio/PFL Trim and change the setting, you will hear the level of the mix bus in the headphones jump back up and PFL Trim no longer affects the headphone out.

    Also, when PAFL additive is engaged and following the same steps above, it appears that the PFL Trim setting is permanently stuck affecting the headphone jack even when PAFL is not engaged. I hope I explained this clearly, can anyone confirm or reproduce?


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    I don’t have the mixer in front of me.. but i think you have activated:
    LR to PAFL – (Routes the main LR mix to the monitor
    when there is no PAFL selected.)

    That may occur your Problem!?

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    Yes, I have LR routed to PAFL, this is how I normally use PAFL. However, if you clear PAFL using a Softkey the bug happens, if you clear PAFL using the PAFL key on the selected channel, the bug does not occur. Thanks for the reply.

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    I have confirmed this on my QU24 too!

    Should be another fix on the next update.

    Until then I won’t trim down the solo buss.

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    Thanks for confirming! It seems that the PFL Trim is inadvertently affecting AFL sources when listening out of the headphone jack. I hope they fix this with the next update.

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