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    “I am in total agreement with the need for a much cleaner USB recording protocol even it turns out to be Stereo only like the DM3.”

    I am in agreement with the need for a cleaner USB recording function in the SQ line, for sure. But not only stereo! I had my wallet out, ready to buy the DM3D until I found out it will only record stereo (not multi-track) on the board. That absolutely killed the deal for me.

    I am looking for a multi-track solution in a smaller package (I have an SQ6). Even with my SQ6, my load for bigger location recording dates is smaller than before since I do not need to lug an outboard dedicated recorder to the job. On certain jobs in a venue that already has mics hung, I can take my SQ and a MBP and record the job, with a backup; Reaper on the MBP. No JoeCo and no need to risk a “primary” recording on a computer (even as Reaper on a MBP has turned out to be super reliable). I will almost certainly, not buy an SQ5; I can deal with the size of the SQ6 in any need I have for the SQ’s functionality. But if Yamaha had made the DM3D multi-track capable . . .

    Just goes to prove that every owner has different priorities and so, the Yammy and the SQ can go on happily down the road knowing that each will have its uses.


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    Hello guys

    Somehow off topic, but interesting for me: DM3 vs CQ18T
    What is the better sound? Especially life.

    I read that there are users who have the possibility to check both units.

    So what should I buy as a Solo Musician some times with a classic blues combo.

    Thanks olaf

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    Avantis Solo!!!

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    Ok, add. Information:

    I am not rich!

    Even when there is no price called out it will be to high for me.

    So I go with the CQ20B.


Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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