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    It would be really lovely if the PAD and 48V was linked on stereo channels instead of only effecting the left channel.

    Right now, one has to undo a stereo input, add the “right side” channel to the surface and make changes to the pad or phantom power. Then you have to reassign them as a stereo pair. And whilst this is happening you can’t do anything else with the console. 999 out of 1000 times I’m applying a pad or 48v equally to both sides of a stereo channel. It would be really convenient for this to be the default and to use ganging for the 1 out of 1000 times that it’s not desired.

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    For stereo channels, it’s a bit clunky but I can go to the IO input page, click on the physical output (not the crosspoint but the block at the top) and adjust the gain, +48, & pad.

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    Eh? I just tried turning on the pad on a stereo channel and it changed it on both sides. I’m not going to turn 48V off right now because I’m in the middle of a show, but I’m pretty sure it’s linked as well.

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    @andy are you talking about stereo channels (configured in MixRack setup), or channels being ganged? Using the term “stereo channel” implies the first, although I think you are talking about ganged channels?

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