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    Hello. After today webinar, I’m understanding your position about third party controls dLive system. But I try write about it one more time. This is not only my suggestion. Some of my friends, dLive users, sound engineers, system integrators, from Russia and Ukraine confirmed that is very needed, and will make dLive system much flexibility and competitive advantage.

    For one guy are needed long fader on iPad remote. For another one needed any digital mixer (yes, now it’s impossible) which can control from VDMX and Touch Desiner software for his interactive installation. Some guys need custom control with special design or specific platforms, like Linux (Yes, it’s me), Android Tablet or embedded systems.

    And i’m understanding that we can’t to ask all of this from A&H team, so it’s not much. But we can another one try to ask question about standard and easy to use API or OSC TCP/IP daemon with functional as large as possible. So I see some problems with MIDI:

    -Most of MIDI controllers doesn’t support MIDI NRPN, SysEx or any specific functions.
    -OSC better than MIDI to understand and human readable. Easy programming. More flexible and will be supported in future.

    I hope, that users from this community, will be support this my post. Great thank, A&H team for all you products. Best regards, Mike Ivanov.

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    Rohan Wright

    +1 for OSC or some sort of API. Network midi is messy and hard to program… plus there’s a lot of extra functionality in remote control that is needed like remote surface shutdown

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    I agree, API and OSC will help to make dLive the most flexible mixer. + many voices from 5 my friends.

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    Is there a link to last nights webinar yet?
    on dLive C1500 with wings?

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    Paul Neko


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