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    Today I configured my SQ6 to use it with a TC M3000 FX. So I connected the TC to two XLR sockets (1 and 2) and assigned them to a input channel configured as stereo channel. Then I recognized that the left input was not that high as the right one. I checked the TC and the cables and cannot find the reason. Then I saw that the left channel was even lower when I switched the input lines. So for me there must be something wrong with the SQ. I was afraid that the input socket 1 might be damaged. So I connect the TC to other inputs and after repatching the inputs all was fine.
    After some checks I found the reason. The two inputs (1 and 2) had different PAD settings. On input 1 the PAD was on and on input 2 not.
    So now I know another thing about the SQ (latest firmware 1.5). The PAD setting is not synchronized when assigning them to a stereo channel. After assigning it to the stereo channel and changing the PAD or gain the values of both inputs will be changed synchronously. But if you use the inputs also on mono channels and change the preamp settings the two inputs will be out of sync afterwards. The same happens if you change the preamp on the input patching page.
    So, it can open some interesting use cases, but can leave a confused operator.

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    horses and courses

    often you need different pads because the source is not balance correctly

    really just means that you need to set up device and check everything before assuming it will work like you thought it should

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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