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    So just got figured out what needs to be changed to use one of the new Netgear M4250 series AVLine network switches with and A&H ME-1 system. Of course it is said on many other posts that the switch needs to be a 100Mbps switch not a Gigabit switch. Maybe I’m the only one, but I have always assumed that was for the ME-1s. But I just found out that it is not. I saw a little note from one of the moderators on another thread that got me thinking and after testing it out I found out what has to happen. The 100Mbps need is for the console connection to be limited to 100Mbps, not the ME-1s. As the note I saw said, if an S-Link connection detects a Gigabit connection it switches to GigaAce mode, which therefore makes it not compatible with the ME-1s. Below are the items that need to be switched on the Netgear M4250 series to be able to be used with this setup.

    – Port to console set to 100mb/s manually
    – Turn off STP or ports flap
    – Turn off Broadcast storm control

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