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    I’m coming off of my first week on Dlive for a House of Worship. Before submitting any feature requests, let me just say that Dlive is terrific and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Here are a few thoughts…

    Can we get an analyzer built into the PEQ? A lot of modern PEQ Plugins will show you an analyzer on the eq. It makes it much easier to find that snare overtone or where a mic is feeding back. I’m not a fan of the GEQ style analyzer in the PAFL section either. I’d much prefer something that shows me all the space between the octaves.

    The transient designer on the console is… kinda bad. It’s incredibly unnatural. And it’s wildly erratic. Personally, I find it unusable, which is a real bummer because a good transient designer can be incredibly useful. I would be especially excited about a multiband transient designer.

    I mix in an lcr room where it makes the most sense to make the C cluster a sum of the left and right. I’m glad A&H included that mix configuration. My only request is if there is a way for me to process/eq/compress my LR and have those changes sent to the Mono sum. Right now I have to manage two master bus compressors… One on LR and another on Mono. It would make sense to have a mode where all processing on the LR went pre-fader to the Mono sum bus.

    How about a tape plugin? I love having tape on my master bus for some glue. It would also be great to see an overdrive or distortion pedal so I could pump up my plain bass guitar signals. The preamp model is great, and it fills that role, but I wouldn’t mind something in the FX rack that drives a bit harder.

    The low harmonic enhancer is OK, but I was hoping it was more akin to something like maxx bass or r bass from waves, as they do an amazing job at fabricating low end on signals. The bass enhancer feels like it’s more for pumping up signals in the subs, and I’m looking for a way to thicken things around 100-200hz.

    Some things I love…
    These dual screens are amazing. The preamp model is incredibly useful. I love the general layout of the input section. Thanks for not giving me one, super convoluted input screen. I don’t need to see every send, phantom power, pad, etc at all times, and many manufacturers don’t get that. Good job.

    The copy paste functions are terrific! Every other manufacturer should copy this design. I love that I can copy channel and mix parameters. Setting up IEM mixes for my first event was a breeze.

    Thanks for taking the time to review my thoughts, and thanks for a great product.

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    Forgot a few…

    Pre amp model on outputs please. I’d love to be able to drive the busses a little.

    I’d love to see an 1176 compressor model and a vari Mu style compressor. I’d also love a supremely transparent limiter for taming matrices, for broadcast sends, or just to throw on my instrument groups to give some transparent leveling.

    Finally… I’d like the option to have more narrow bands on the PEQ. When notching out feedback frequencies or drum over tones, I need a very narrow band so I can cut precisely what I want and nothing else.

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