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    I’m fairly sure I have seen this topic previously on a forum and summairly disregarded it because “it will never happen to us.” This morning, I had a report of four contiguious faders not responding or not resetting properly when returning to the bank where they are located. This is very frustrating when a soloist volume is cut drastically in the middle of her song. Please advise what my best response will be. C3500 has been in operation since June 2020; purchased in Jan/Feb 2020 from authorized dealer.


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    We have (3) C2500 surfaces. One of them had a “sticky” fader out of the box in January 2021. I did not realize what the problem was for quite some time. Recalibrating the faders would fix things at least for a while.
    Eventually I replaced the fader toward the end of 2022. It was out of warranty by then so I did the replacement myself to avoid labor and shipping costs as well as to avoid having the surface gone for an extended period of time. (Incidentally, that surface has a fader acting up again right now, so I suspect I will need to go in and fix it before too long).

    A mechanically minded person can disassemble the surface without instructions (find a video if you want a head start). If you want to replace all the faders then you can get a replacement fader PCB which just screws/plugs in. Those cards were hard to come by when I did the repair and so I replaced a single fader. The faders are soldered to the PCB, so replacing individual faders requires soldering skills.

    That being said, four faders in a row is suspicious. Especially if they all failed simultaneously and suddenly. Possibly those faders have seen harder use. Possibly something got spilled on the surface in that location. Perhaps they came from a different manufacturing lot that was not as good. But also it is possible that there is a loose connection or a failure on the PCB itself.

    I would recommend contacting tech support. USA support is through American Music and Sound and my experience was that they were very responsive. They told me what part number I needed and I ordered through Full Compass.

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    You may have run across the thread I started due to an identical issue:

    Faders not returning to position when switching banks

    The short answer is, open a support ticket with A&H, and it should get escalated to someone who can help you confirm the issue and get the parts you need. It was not exactly a smooth process for me, but I did end up getting the attention of one of the higher-ups at American Music & Sound (A&H’s U.S. distributor), who got things moving.

    I wish you well! And please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.


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