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    I have an S7000 surface running firmware v1.9 for past 2 months with absolutely no issues until last week.

    When we change fader banks a couple of the channel buss faders go to INF as expected when switching to a bank where they are not assigned, but when returning back to layer A, these faders don’t return to the original position.

    For IEM mix bus master faders (we have these on layer B), when switching fader banks the IEM master faders stay on INF and don’t return, so the IEM mix gets muted. Switching back to layer B and reseting the faders back to 0 works, until you change layers again.

    It doesn’t seem to matter which layer you go to, the same set of faders always seem to go to INF and not return back.

    We do run the OneMix app, but on this occasion no band members were using the app at no time. We don’t run director. I have tried loading a different show file and same issue is present.

    We have had no issues prior to this with V1.9.

    Im thinking of rolling back to V1.87.
    Does anyone havbe any suggestions?

    I will download the system log files and take a video of the issue and send to A&H tech support.

    Thanks Ash.

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    After we updated ours to 1.9, I noticed that the fader calibration was not right. (not sure if it was wiped or what)
    Anyhow, it seems fine after I recalibrated the faders.

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    I performed the fader calibration and motor calibration twice.
    The fader issue still present. Reloaded an old show, issue not resolved.

    Any other ideas? May be replace or clean faders?

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    Samuel S

    Hi Ash,

    I’ve had a very similar issue with an SQ console. Two or three faders would go to -infinity when changing layers. I sent the console in for repair and the tech said there was excessive amount of dirt and debris inside the console.

    I paid somewhere between $300-500 USD for the repair. It hasn’t failed since. I don’t expose it to extreme environments, but I can’t deny that the SQ hasn’t been outside exposed to possible debris in the air…. I’m not sure what your working environment is like.

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    Hi Ash
    We have c3500 and we had a stuck fader 2 months ago pre update.
    I was told that the whole fader bank had to be replaced.
    We paid for a new fader bank I did the install myself everything worked great .
    We did the update with no problems ,then last week the same problem happened .
    Same bank but different fader.
    The console is perfectly clean only 3 years old.
    We are very cautious about not leaving anything but the cover on the console
    I’ve been wondering if it’s a common problem.

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