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    While the custom control app works wonderfully for making custom monitor mix controls, it is kind of limited due to the fact that you can only have a limited number of users per console. It is possible to have multiple users using a single account on custom control, but this also means that they can inadvertently control somebody else’s iem mix, which is not ideal.

    If we were able to get more user accounts, I could give each band member/vocalist their own account to log into, which would prevent inadvertently changing someone else’s mix.

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    I agree that more user logins would be helpful. Your use case where it would be nice to have one login for each musician is a perfect example. We have 9 IEM mixes alone which greatly limits the flexibility of the console (with regard to user login).

    Our solution was to create a CustomControl layout that uses tabs so the musician can select their mix. To your point, they can select the wrong mix. I’m trying to prevent this by adding a text element that shows the currently selected mix – in big red letters in a prominent area of the screen. Honestly since we made this change, we haven’t had any situations where a musician was on the wrong mix. So if you are having this issue, you might want to revisit your design and see if you can include a text element that corresponds to the selected mix. It’s really easy to overlook the selected tab on the screen, but it is much harder to miss a big text element that shows the selected mix.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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