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    This is actually two requests…..

    First, I’d like to be able to have unique layout designs on the Director software. Right now, the 6 layer layout design mirrors the console. Oddly enough however, changing the actual layer bank on the Director software doesn’t change it on the console, and bringing up different screens on the Director software doesn’t change the screen view on the console. So in one sense, they are not operationally connected, but I can’t create one layer design for the console and another layer design for Director software. This would be really helpful because we duplicate our 32 channels and run 1-32 for FOH and 33-64 for broadcast. Right now we have to share the design of the 6 layers while it would be nice to allow FOH to have their own design and broadcast (who uses Director) to have their own 6 layer design.

    Second, it would be nice to allow more than one concurrent Director connection. This isn’t quite as important as #1 for my use, but there certainly can be made the case where we would want at least two Director connections at the same time.

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    Wait… you can only have one concurrent Avantis director connection to the Avantis?

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    Steve Pritchard

    I think if the board followed Director, or Director followed the board, that would be worse. At list at this point we can look at diffrent things on Director vs what up on the board giving a bit more flexibility. But agree it would be nice to have the ability thru some part of director ( maybe a custom screen view option that is for director only ) to set up custom views and Layers for Director only, or possibly that needs to be a separate program maybe similar to the Ipad mix apps, but for PC/Mac. I would be fine with a separate app/program for live control vs set up.
    I think the issue is that since the Avantis’s layers and buttons and features are fully customizable, they need software that will mirror the current board set up, or be able to create a new step up off line, and push it to the board, again for set up.. But once things are set up. I would be nice to be able to switch to CUSTOM VIEW or some feature were we can create a new set of layers or views of channels that is just for live use of Director. And OR woudl be nice to be able to see both Sides at that same time So maybe a second pop out window where we can have Side 1 on one monitor and then a second window with Side 2 up at the same time Kind slow to have to switch back and forth between side 1 and side 2 only.
    I guess I am used to the M32 Edit app, that has multiple user and/or custom channel views that allow you to view any configuration of channels, and busses and DCA’s you want. Which is great for live mixing as you can throw together a view quick for only the channels you need for any given show or band. and have all that up on the screen and accessible, vs having to dive thru layers to get to what you need. Also they can POP out into its own window the effects and different things, so again for live use, I have everything I need ( channels, effects, available with out having to look anywhere. I would typically run my main mix in one window.. then have all my delay type effects popped out into windows on the same screen blow the main mix to quickly be able to change effects settings ( tap tempo, delay time ect )

    Second feature, is to be able to adjust things with the rotary dial on a mouse.. For example. The Q of the PEQ We can click and drag to adjust the Freq and gain, but not the Q ( band width) Seems like it would be simple to assignee the Q adjustment to the rotor dial then its easy to quickly adjust everything for that specific point.

    Thanks !

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    we know what you need… buy a dlive, there it is already like you need it

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