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    Hey folks!

    So I’ve had a number of sessions now where I’m doing sub-mix on an iPad while I have a volunteer running the main show. Overall I’ve been pretty pleased with the performance of the app; however, I have noticed a couple of things that are a bit funky, and one that is potentially dangerous:

    1) The Dangerous one: I have fat fingers, if I want to select a channel to look at its processing, I run the risk of hitting the mute button DIRECTLY above the name of the channel. Solution: have an option/button on the right side of the screen that allows you to enable/disable mute access globally in the app. Means you have to be intentional about muting/unmuting.

    2) Pans – are a pain in the butt. <–again, fat fingers here… hard to tell where I’m at with panning, I have to look around my finger. Ideal solution – tap pan and a breakout box expands to a larger pan window thing (sorry to do this, but: see Behringer x32 app, they got that bit right.) I would add that – a double-tap in this pan window should be added as a means to automatically return pan to center. <—complaint is applicable for both MixPad and OneMix (I’ve had multiple performers whine about pan in particular.)

    3) scene/cuelist access – make this an option @ top of screen. IE: processing/routing/scenes/setup – you can keep your scene section active while still accessing the full fader list @ bottom of screen. <—that in particular would make the app infinitely more useful. (IE, if I’m called out of running FOH for some reason to help troubleshoot a band issue, or lighting issue, etc. I can still hit cues on my iPad without having to resort to touch OSC and Osculator.

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    to 2)
    full consent!
    The proposed better resolution for the PAN would be helpful!

    And I still want a copy&paste function for copying EQ settings
    When editing monitor paths on stage, I don’t want to run back to the mixer to copy the found settings in the other ways.


    Oooo, I hadn’t thought about copy/paste. Good call. You could always VNC into a computer running director for that. Only *slightly* awkward.

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    I’m a new CDM32 owner, here is my experience after 2 days.

    I started as surface-less user back in 2010 with IDR32 Tablet PC using stylus, then IPADs came. Got my 1st ipad, it was cool, then switched to ipad mini as soon as they were released. Ipad mini was way faster to work with because of its small size which translated to less travel distance for your fingers. All you needed was 2 thumbs.

    iLive ipad app had this background color editing future, it was awesome to be able to customize RGB and alpha channel.

    iLiveChannel strip & MIX buttons are on the middle right hand side which is very easy to reach out with your thumb.

    The new dlive app doesn’t offer color customization. Bummer.

    Why on the earth did you move ‘Processing”(channel) & “Routing”(Mix) all the way to the top which is very awkward movement you need to do while holding ipad mini with both hands? 2 thumbs operation on iLive app was perfectly possible, there is still available space on middle right side… Please move them back where they were in iLive app.

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    #1 & #2 are a HUGE deal for me, and has been a fairly serious problem. Unless I’m missing something (an obvious possibility) it seems like a massive oversight that a musician on stage (using OneMix specifically) can mute instruments. On MixPad it would be super helpful to be able to disable the mute function to avoid accidentally muting something. Am I overlooking something where it makes sense for a musician on stage to have the ability to mute?


    @ Matt – Musicians on-stage should only be given access to *their* mix on the my Mix page. If you look, layer 2-4 do *not* have mutes on any of the faders. IE, if you set up My Mix page as *Just* the main fader for that particular person’s mix, they can literally only mute their own mix.

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