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    Here is my setup:

    I have one Qu-32. It has a a XLR snake that goes to the stage. Mix1 is the Floor Monitors, Mix2 is the Choir Monitors, Mix3 is the feed to other rooms in the church, Mix4 is the Feed going back to the computer to record the sermons.

    The Qu-32 is set to all the basic settings. We don’t use it for anything other than sound. We don’t record on the mixer. We don’t have a stage box. We use it with just the most basic settings and setup.

    I also have a CD player connected to it via 1/4 inch to (RCA) and it also isn’t Post Fader controlled but I want it to be. I can plugin a true XLR device and it will be magically Post Fader controlled.

    It must be an issue with the Qu-32. I will try all the suggestions when I return from my mini vacation on Monday.

    Thank You all for your time and suggestions. If these suggestions don’t fix it, I will make a YouTube video showing you it happening.

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    Here’s the block diagram of the signal paths within the console.


    As you can see in the top left, the 1/4″ and XLR inputs are connected in paralell before the preamp and analog-to-digital converter. Because of this, it is impossible for the XLR input to have a different signal path from the 1/4″ input, unless something is very broken.

    What’s most likely happening is that the computer audio has an alternative path to the console. As others have said, unplug all inputs except the intended computer audio cable and see what happens.


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    Save the scene and upload it here… There has to be another path in play.

    The two inputs are wired together in the analogue domain – they absolutely cannot have different routing.

    I take it there isn’t a lot of channel crosstalk?!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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