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    i’m evaluating to buy an SQ + 2xDX168 Stageboxes as i’m working as an sound engineer for various bands.
    Currently, i’m using Midas Consoles (MR32) but i’m thinking to swap out the console and replace it with an SQ as
    i’m not really satisfied with the overall sound and effects of the midas console.
    I will get a SQ5 demo console for testing in the next week.

    But i already know from my internet research, that there are some nice features which i will for sure miss on SQ (in the order of priority):

    #1) RTA Overlay over PEQ and GEQ – this helps you very fast to eliminate feedback and ring out venues
    #2) Offline Editor: I’m used to prepare show offline.
    #3) Mono Matrix: the ability to switch between stereo/mono matrix
    #4) change the order of processing: compression before PEQ and vice versa. This is sometime a nice feature to have
    #5) Android app (Mixing Station pro) with automatic feedback elimination

    #1 and #2 will for sure influence my final decision. I’m not convinced that the RTA Solution fits in a Live Mixing Workflow. No RTA over the EQ’s will be
    a no go for me. Is there a roadmap available what is planned for future firmware upgrades?


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    AFAIK, for peq there is RTA overlay on the ipad app, cmiiw.

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    On point Richy! #1, #2 and #3 are also so important to me! I already got the SQ5, but I’m thinking of moving to another system, if there won’t be this features.
    Definetly need an offline editor!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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