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    Hi All,

    So I’m getting into the midi control and I find the documents incredibly confusing. I’m trying to do something simple to start, mute and unmute some channels and groups. I’ve got the command working fine for the channels. “\x90\x06\x7f\x06\x00” will mute channel 7. Where I’m having trouble is with the Stereo Groups. In the docs it says N = N + 1, CH = 40 to 5E. So that means to me that “\x90\x40\x7f\x40\x00” Should mute the stereo groups… But, the same definition is used for Aux’s and for a Stereo matrix. I’m obviously missing something but the document is very short on documentation and assumes a familiarity with MIDI that I don’t have. It would be very nice to have a few more examples in this document. I feel like this is important but I don’t understand it at all:

    The audio channel type is selected by offsetting the MIDI channel used in the message and the audio channel number is selected using the note number, as detailed in ‘Channel Selection’ below.

    Does anyone have a working string for muting a group?

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    Mute Mono Group 1: “0x91\0x00\0x7F\0x91\0x00\0x00”
    Mute Mono Group 7: “0x91\0x06\0x7F\0x91\0x06\0x00”

    Mute Stereo Group 1: “0x91\0x40\0x7F\091\0x40\0x00”
    Mute Stereo Group 7: “0x91\0x46\0x7F\091\0x46\0x00”

    If you have companion, use my module (dLive-iLive) and create actions for the function you’re looking for. The log screen will show you the correct MIDI strings.

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    Amazing! Thank you Mr.X. Now that I see this I understand the wording on the specs. I hadn’t quite clicked on the MIDI ID range being important.

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