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    Hi i’m pretty new to the qu-16 desk and it might be a simple process. Is there a way to send a microphone channel to aux out only so it doesn’t come through the main mix. It’s going to be for a room audio capture for zoom calls so I don’t want it coming through the main pa. Only into the laptop for zoom participants to hear.

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    Lots of ways… but you could just simply leave the fader all the way down on the LR mix, and adjust to taste on the Aux channel. Or unassign it from the main mix altogether.

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    Mike C

    As noted lots of ways to get there.
    How you get there and control that mic channel depends somewhat on if you set it up
    to be on a pre fade or post fade aux send.

    Let talk post fade for now, that way you can have the mixer in the main LR mix layer
    to control the other inputs and the room mic channel.

    – Select the aux you want to use.
    – In that aux set up menu select post fade and I would also select post all for the
    aux pick off point.
    – Go to the routing menu.
    – Select the room mic channel by hitting the green select button.
    – In the routing menu turn off the LR main mix select button.
    (you can also do that by selecting the main LR mix on the mixer surface and
    then hold down the assign button on the left side of the mixer. Doing that
    will light up all the channel select buttons that are routed to the selected mix.
    While holding down the assign button hit the green select button on the room mic
    channel, that will turn off the select button light and de-select it from the
    main mix.)
    – Now select the mix/aux you want the room mic to go to.
    – Bring up the mix master level and on just the channel for the room mic
    bring up the fader, start and unity about 75%.
    – Select the LR main mix on the mixer surface
    – With the room mic channel set for post fade and de-selected from the main LR output
    you can control the room mic level feeding the aux from the main mix layer on mixer.

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    Great, thank you so much both of you, I really appreciate the help

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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