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    The approach I would take is to change 1 tiny thing at a time and do a compare of the binary files. Probably start with one of my channel labels that doesn’t show up in ASCII. But who has time for that?

    I doubt it has an msp430 in it. There is too much audio processing going on. It is likely an Arm core with a bunch of external DRam.

    Too bad Allen& Heath won’t respond to this.

    Send me an executable of your GUI. I’d love to see which parameters you are trying to store. If it is just labels, it may not be too hard to decipher.

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    I have also been working with ME-1 for several months now and would like to have an editor for the preparation.

    An editor would be really great, with whom you can also intervene online in configurations. Sometimes it is necessary to change something quickly, e. g. when a guest musician is added and this channel is not used in the ME-1. You have to run to the stage and adjust the ME-1 quickly.

    so: +1 also from me

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    +1 for an ME-1 offline editor.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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