ME-1's does not show stereo linked channels.

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    Signal Path is Avantis>GX4816(then out DX2)>generic PoE Switch>ME1. The Avantis I/O section for the ME-1 outputs does not show channels as linked but rather separated into individual channels of {Name}L and {Name}R. On the ME-1s a stereo channel from the board does not show up as linked so I went to group them together. The individual channels only show the name of the channel for the Left input number. So for example “Keys 1” is a stereo channel on the Avantis and is composed of channels 19 and 20. The ME-1 shows ch19 as Keys-1 (but not Keys-1 L as indicated on the Avantis I/O section) and ch20 as IP20. This is the same for all stereo linked channels. Is there a way to correct this?

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    Stereo pair channels on the ME port must be odd-even numbered for left-right, so for example Keys-1 L/R could be patched to ME channels 1/2 or 3/4. If you then tap the ME output socket towards the top, you can enable stereo link for the pair so that they appear as stereo on the ME unit.
    Hope this helps
    – Jeff, A&H



    Thank you! I’ll give this a shot.

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    Also, create the stereo pairs for the ME by touching the numbers across the top of the I/O page (ME Outputs).

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    Thank you Scott!! I don’t think this feature is on the SQ board.

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