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    I was hoping to be able to use the HP and LP filters on the outputs and matrixes to make a simple crossover for a sub/mains setup in 1.5. It appears that the mains eq is pre-matrix send so I can’t high pass the mains without killing the lows to the matrix. Can the mains eq be made post-matrix send? If not then I’m guessing I could use two matrixes to do the split (using up another precious matrix). And is the mains delay also pre-matrix send? Thanks!

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hey @dean,

    Whilst we guessed the new filter options might get used in a pinch for this kind of thing, the SQ is not intended to take the place of a speaker processor.
    If you don’t have built-in crossovers as in many active systems, then a dedicated processor would definitely be your best option.
    The thinking being that the speaker system should be set and fixed before an event, and should never need adjustment during the show. All the processing power of the mixer can therefore be put to use mixing the channels and processing the mixes.
    Really, the speaker processing ‘belongs to’ the speaker system, in the same way as amplifiers do, so ideally you can rock up to any speaker system with your mix and it should be close.

    Regarding the routing of mixes to matrices, there are no routing points in the core architecture for this in the way that there are for input channels, as a matrix in the SQ is a mix of mixes (and post all).
    You can see this in the system block diagram here – (,-60,623 – I’ve linked to the SQ-5 version, but all models have an identical core).

    Hope this explains it!


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    Hi Keith

    Yes that does explain it. My small system is mostly closed with 2 mains speaker choices with the same subs. I will have the same setup where ever I go. The venue will be my only variable so I am looking to simplify my setup as much as possible. I would love to see an option for making the mains send to a matrix pre or post eq, though I understand my use may be far too specialized to be worth the resources. For the time being it looks like I can accomplish what I need by using 2 matrices. Thanks to you and Allen and Heath for the latest update. It’s great!

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    You could route your subs to an aux mix out and your Main LR to a matrix, then do your HPF on the Matrix end to keep your Mains bus free. I totally understand what you’re trying to achieve with your workflow, whenever I don’t have a processor, I’ll do this to keep the other 2 matrices open for front fills, media feed.

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