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    Hey yall, novice tech here.

    I started using the SQ5 since the summer for the band I gig with and one problem I can’t seem to fix is the level of the main L R output. I can never get to the proper loudness level even with bigger PAs. I usually have to crank up the master fader up to + 5, the individual channels to around 0 or so and the pre-gain on each channel seems to peak at around -5 to 0. I have tried to google and find the answer to this on this forum but I haven’t seem to have found it.
    Is the problem in the gain staging? or is there some sort of trim for the main out that I can’t seem to find?


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    I’ll be very interested to hear answers to your question because I had the same issue with a mix output to our livestream—it was much too quiet over USB compared to our FoH. I addressed it by putting a compressor on the mix bus output, set it to operate as a limiter, and added 9dB of gain.

    But I suspect there is a better way to trim outputs but I couldn’t find a way. So I’ll be interested to hear answers from the experts.

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    Reading O dB on meter correspond to + 4 dBu at XLR output (1,228 V)

    But because I had a level problem on a local output of my SQ and I repaired it (replacing components on the output boards), I was able to measure about 0.62 V True RMS on the hot signal and 0.62 V on the cold signal (1 KHz signal from the integrated generator sent to all outputs at the same time).

    Stageboxes have the same values.

    The signal being symmetrical, during desymmetrization the 2 values ​​are added: 0.62+0.62= 1.24 V (the reference value of a level of + 4dBu is 1.228 V).
    This is therefore normal…except that…it seems to me that certain equipment divides the signal by 2 once unbalanced so as not to make it too high.
    Other equipment emits 1.228 V on each pin, in this case, even divided by 2 we find + 4dBu at the input of the receiving equipment.

    Knowing this, we can adjust the input gain of the equipment accordingly.

    If anyone can confirm this… I am interested


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    So at one of my venues I work at they run qsc k153 for mains into a dbx speaker processor rack followed by an dl32 box. the house mixer is an x32 and on the dbx processor the inputs have to be input padded to gain full volume. on my sq5 into an ar2412 box I have to have the pad off to gain full volume.
    are you using a processor?

    based on the output specs in comparison for these particular mixers they are off by 1db in the plus range, the x32 +4dbu / +22dbu max and sq5 +4dbu / +21dbu.

    what other mixer are you using in comparison that makes you feel this drop is happening?

    I’m curious about this myself as what I have experiencing in this small capacity.
    I have yet to test it in the larger venue I mix at that has a larger array system and pro2 mixer.

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