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    It’s really sad that there is no way to patch local I/O. Right now the only way to patch local inputs is by sending and returning USB audio through PC.

    Furthermore, since you can patch only stagebox inputs you really have to plan ahead about what input goes where.

    I beg you Allen Heath, please add this feature. It’s a must and all the competitors have it. Right now we have 40 inputs of which you can use only 18 and if you need to split channels you have to sacrifice local analog inputs. So basically at this moment Behringer X-Air has more features than Qu-SB.

    This sucks. Please Allen Heath, consider adding this feature. I hope you hear me.

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    Hello LTsound,

    you have my full support to that request.

    Using the QU-PAC in fixed installations like conferenc rooms or churches and sanctuarys there is always the need of using delaylines or monosums for separate areas and rooms. The QU-Pac is most times not installed where the stage is, so using the AR2412 would be extra money and would also block the option to add AB168 stageboxes on the front.

    A seconde, extended request on that topic.
    If it would become possible to patch all Buses freely to the local outputs it would be great to have more options than an 1:1 option. Like it is possible to route a monosum or a pre-mix of the LR to the AltOut it would be perfect to have that option for all stereobusses to all local outputs (Mono+Stereo more important, Pre+Post Fader less important)


    Routing Group 1+2 (Mono) to Output 10 for the children’s room.
    Routing Matrix 1+2 (Mono) to Output 7 and 8 to have two identical Mono outs connecting two amplifier channels with several delay speakers.

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