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    We run a live stream with the audio source being a matrix out from the GLD-80, its ok but we’d like more control however an A/B snake would be an additional investment I’d like to avoid. A brief review of the Dante Card and it mentions:

    “It is also suitable for linking iLive and GLD systems together: typically
    for front of house / monitor systems where digital splits of the mic preamps
    in one system are sent over Cat5 cable to the second system.
    This provides independent trim, EQ, processing, FX, and mix-bus structure
    for each system.”

    With the independent mix features am I mistaken in thinking this card and a second board can source as a separate mix suitable for a live stream broadcast?

    Thoughts/Suggestions are much appreciated

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    Why don’t you just run the live stream from one of the Aux outputs from the board. you could even use an ipad to control that one mix output so that you can have independent control.

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    Yes, Dante would allow you to route independent channels to a second mixer which could mix your broadcast.

    You can also choose the send point as post-preamp which would give you your split – the second console then has control via trim and otherwise a completely independent mix.

    An aux on a single board would give you control of levels independent of the house mix, but wouldn’t give you independent processing.

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    The easiest way I found for our recording mix was an aux as someone else suggested, if you want to have a different operators mixing, then one uses the iPad app.
    Also with Dante you don’t need a second board to get the unique mix, just a computer running Dante Virtual Soundcard but it is a little harder than the aux in my opinion.
    Obviously if you have another board with Dante it would be easy.

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