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    I bought my SQ5 in February as a replacement to my QU16, which was stolen. The band I work with only plays out about twice a month, so I don’t have a lot of “mix hours” on it yet. I noticed a curious thing last night. Our lead singer was overloading his in-ear mix. Since I work primarily from layer two during the show, I wouldn’t have caught this, but I noticed that the indicator light on the layer 4 button was flashing in a fashion similar to a peak indicator. I called up layer 4 and there it was-the lead singer’s IEM mix was overloading. Just to be sure, I took an input channel from another layer(layer one) and overloaded the channel slightly. I then went back to layer two. Sure enough, the layer one button flashed in sync with the channel overload.
    I find this to be an EXTREMELY handy feature. I don’t remember reading about this. I’ve scoured the manual and can’t seem to find any info about this. Maybe I’m just overlooking it. But it’s great having a “look at me” indicator.
    I want to send kudos to the software build team for their foresight in including this feature. It’s little things like this that really makes me appreciate Allen & Heath.

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    +1 yes noticed this when some radio mics went off piste recently. Very useful.

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    Was already a tool at de gld and also the dlive.

    Makes life easier.


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