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    I’ve just had some quality time with a Soundcraft Ui24R
    and absolutely fell in love with the keyboard shortcuts
    to navigate and control the “app” in the browser.

    a – mute all
    f – mute fx
    m – mute current channel
    s – solo (=pafl) current channel

    left/right – select prev/next channel
    up/down – move to prev/next bank
    backspace – return to previous screen

    … and many more.
    This is just to give you some ideas, not a full and final list.

    I see that there have been several request to add keyboard navigation
    to the console itself, through enabling the USB port.
    That would certainly be useful, too.

    But this request is specifically for keyboard shortcuts in the MixPad app.
    They shouldn’t be very difficult to add but would prove very useful, IMHO.
    (In an “extended version” of this feature, the shortcuts could be user-defined.)

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